WW archive > Issue 744 - 06 November 2008


Just imagine; Courageous RAF; National disgrace; BBC best; Wrongdoings; Proletarian; Sortition; Unscientific; Bigotry

Fighting Fund


Prurience and privatisation

What lies behind the furore over the Russell Brand radio show? James Turley examines the issues

Sol responsibility

Lawrence Parker looks at alienation in British soccer

1688: elements of a new society

Mike Macnair reviews Tim Harris's 'Revolution: the great crisis of the British monarchy, 1688-1720' Penguin, 2007, pp622, �12.99

The communist fight for one party

The financial crisis makes halfway house left unity all the more urgent, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Anti-semitic conspiracist

The SWP's favourite 'anti-Zionist', Gilad Atzmon, is at it again, writes Tony Greenstein

Old wine, new bottles

On November 1, the Socialist Workers Party sealed its abandonment of Student Respect by launching an equally anodyne replacement. Dan Read and Dave Isaacson report

Obituary: Watchful rebel

Ardeshir Mehrdad remembers an eminent artist

Why don't we fight the anti-union laws?

PCS militant Dave Vincent draws a military analogy

Three funerals and a wedding

French 'official communists' are in terminal decline, writes Jean-Michel Edwin

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