Fighting Fund


After missing out badly last month, I am confident that we will reach our £1,000 target for November - hopefully with a surplus big enough to compensate for October’s disappointment.

The reason for my optimism is that we already have £300 - exactly - in less than a week. A good part of that total is made up of new (since January) standing orders, many of which are concentrated at the beginning of the month. Amounts ranging from £1 to £30 extra have been paid into the Weekly Worker account over the last seven days.

Apart from those standing orders, totalling £95, a couple of really generous one-off donations have helped swell our fighting fund. Pride of place among them goes to the £100 paid by SE via our website. Thank you, comrade! Thanks also to DL for his £50 cheque - received in the post without any covering note. I am just assuming it is a donation!

In addition comrades GJ and CL both sent in a £20 cheque, while DV donated £15. DV also enclosed a standing order form, by the way, which will boost our monthly total by a further £10 from now on. Added to that is another monthly £10 SO pledged by comrade DS.

But, as I say, I already have £300 in the pot for November, not including those last two SOs. My only complaint is the usual one - hardly any of our online readers are following the lead of SE and making their contribution via our PayPal facility. Last week we had 17,468 internet readers - our weekly total on that score is gradually creeping up again.

Robbie Rix

Click here to download a standing order form - regular income is particular important in order to plan ahead. Even £5/month can help!
Send cheques, payable to Weekly Worker, BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX
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