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A to B; And the point is; Simple history; Israel defence; Sport programme; Sacred scarf; Damp squib; Driveller; Not perfect; Distasteful; Disgusting work; Union link; Maximum; Green capital

Fighting fund

Showing the way

Bringer of death, destruction and disorganisation

March 20 is the fifth anniversary of the US-led invasion. Mike Macnair examines the features of present-day US imperialism and sets out once again the basic tasks of the workers' movement

From grumbling to fragging

Jim Moody recalls how resistance to the Vietnam War grew in the US armed forces

Allying with imperialism

Hopi attends, but does not endorse pro-imperialist protest. Mark Fischer reports

The real anti-imperialists

Amir Javaheri and Mehdi Kia look at trends within the anti-war movement in Iran

Religion, decline and fall

In the penultimate article in his series on the Roman empire, Chris Gray examines the rise of christianity, the loss of the west and the transition to feudalism

Defending military 'honour'

Full rights for armed forces rank and file must be our demand, writes James Turley

Spreading Marxist ideas

Ted North reports on the Sheffield University student union elections

Still marching, still not leading

Ben Lewis reviews Five years on: why we are still marching Chris Nineham and Andrew Burgin : Stop the War Coalition, pp24, �1.00

Hopi: growing activity

Anne McShane reports Hopi Ireland's successes

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