Fighting fund

Showing the way

A number of cash-strapped CPGB  students have provided other comrades with an example to follow this week - five have pledged a total of £40 to add to our regular monthly standing orders.

Top of the list is MS, who has promised £20, while JS, LM, HC and AC are all to give a fiver each to the Weekly Worker. They are showing the way to employed comrades, many of whom seem to be a little backward in coming forward. Of course, I know that times are not easy for many people, but surely most would not notice an extra £5 or £10 - and those modest sums really do add up.

Others who have not been so shy are comrades DO (who has doubled his SO to £20) and Labour Party and Hopi member TP (who has filled in a form for £10). Those additional pledges will take our total of extra standing orders since the start of our appeal to £314, towards our target of £500 by July. Progress!

However, pledges are one thing, but I need to see those standing orders in the bank, comrades!

By the way, LM has also stumped up a one-off donation of £35 - thank you, comrade. He was one of 25,551 visitors to our website, but one of only two to use our PayPal facility last week. The other came from across the Channel - a further £10 from the comrades of Le Communiste 76 in Dieppe. Merci beaucoup!

All these gifts have helped boost our March total to £439 - but, don’t forget, we are now aiming to pull in £1,000 a month to pay for our new printing arrangements. Can you help?