WW archive > Issue 705 - 24 January 2008

Demands to win youth

Discussing an essential component of our programme, CPGB comrades recently teased out some of the questions around the approach to youth. Jim Moody reports


Threats; Nonsense; Justice; Yawn; Ridiculous; Too expensive?; Joker; Pro-nuclear

Getting the BNP into perspective

Benjamin Klein responds to critics on no-platforming and argues that the left must learn to think if it is ever going to establish a movement that can really challenge our main enemy

Union policy through the ballot box

How can union members be won to a left political alternative? Dave Vincent, PCS secretary of Greater Manchester ministry of justice branch, writing in a personal capacity, takes issue with the union's general secretary

Russia: Revival of class politics

What will the departure of Vladimir Putin as president mean for Russian politics? What are the prospects for the working class? Boris Kagarlitsky of the Moscow-based Institute of Globalisation Studies outlines his thoughts and perspectives

In defence of Popper

Is Karl Popper an example of "intellectually dishonest anti-Marxism"? Bob Potter replies to Jack Conrad

Reject compulsory education to 18

Jim Moody argues for full adult rights at 16, including the right to leave full-time education

Human lessons

Tami Peterson reviews Zarah Ghahramani's 'My life as a traitor', Bloomsbury Publishing, pp256, £12.99. To be published on February 4

John Rees must be crazy if he thinks Londoners will elect Lindsey German to the GLA

The Socialist Workers Party leadership may have marginalised its internal opposition for the moment. But its strategy has been thoroughly exposed as an unmitigated disaster. Peter Manson reports on the SWP conference and the latest developments in Respect

Fighting fund

New target

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