Fighting fund

Big time

This week we carry an article by John Bridge detailing our new printing arrangements. As I feared, our printing press has finally died a death and I can only echo comrade Bridge’s call for more regular donations in the form of standing orders. That is the best way to ensure your paper comes out on time and is printed to a high quality.

While I have received no new standing order commitments this week, I did get a good few useful one-offs. My thanks to a visitor from Canada, comrade DP, who gave us $30 - that exchanged for £14! This side of the Atlantic, comrade WK produced a brilliant £50, while FH (£20), IR (£10), and JM (£5) all did their bit.

I also have a couple of internet donations to report - £15 from DG and £20 from MN (we had 28,228 online readers last week, by the way). All in all, £134 came in over the last seven days, taking our total to £254 towards our £500 target.

But now we need to step up the pace - big time.