WW archive > Issue 704 - 17 January 2008

An appeal to members, supporters and friends

John Bridge looks forward to higher Weekly Worker production quality and calls for those who value the paper to raise financial contributions


Jesus Front; Deaf as a post; Punch; Sympathy card; Sound politics; Influence; Bemused; Disgrace; Fascist space

Political harassment

Airport cops fail to prevent Hopi solidarity, writes Gerry Downing

Into the abyss as Bhutto mantle passes to son

Jim Moody assesses the crisis in Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto's assassination

Cut across ethnic divide

It is class interests arising from the legacy of British rule that underlie Kenyan rivalries. Nick Rogers looks at the background to the current chaos

Hain and working class morality

James Turley calls for accountability of elected representatives

Iran: No let up in US threats

Problems facing the peoples of Iran and West Asia are rooted in the contradictions of 21st century world capitalism, says Yassamine Mather

Organise for March 15

Hands Off the People of Iran focuses on campaigning in early 2008. Mark Fischer reports

Nuclear power irrationality

Simon Wells challenges not only the specifics of nuclear power, but also the logic of capitalist expansionism

Pantomime analogies, beanstalks and 'science'

Would a Marxist party in Britain be a 'halfway house' on the road to a communist international? Mike Macnair responds to Dave Craig

Fighting fund

Big time

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