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Advances in Ireland

Hands Off the People of Iran in Ireland held a successful teach-in on November 10 in Dublin. Anne Mc Shane reports


Uncle Joe; No value; Kronstadt foam; Harsh words

Devil in the detail

Mark Fischer spoke to both sides of an important debate at the November 17 Labour left conference

Launch conference

Hopi's launch conference will have a unique feature - it will actually be a conference, not a rally.

A rough guide

The Campaign for a Marxist Party holds its reconvened conference this weekend. Jack Conrad looks at the main motions, amendments and political issues

Maintaining the pretence

Posing left, pretending to be a victim, but talking only to itself, the SWP's rump of Respect could not raise the tone of its rally-cum-conference beyond the banal. Not only has the SWP lost around 500 members, writes Jim Moody, but its leadership has learnt nothing from the Respect debacle

Fight on two fronts

More than 200 people attended the November 17 conference, 'The first casualty: war, truth and the media today', reports Tina Becker. The SWP's apologetic position on Iran was very much present, as were journalists from the Iranian television channel, Press TV. But contributions from the floor were much more encouraging

Hidden from history

Lawrence Parker, The kick inside - revolutionary opposition in the CPGB 1960-1991 2007, £4.00 (+ £1.15 postage), pp75

Socialists for Labourism

With the hostilities in Respect reaching their messy denouement last weekend, it was almost possible to forget the rather less fiery Socialism school of the Socialist Party in England and Wales. James Turley reports

Renewal of populism

The Galloway version of Respect is taking confidence from its common anti-SWPism, writes Peter Manson. But the lack of clarity inherited from its parent means it cannot be a vehicle for working class advance

More dangerous than ever

Hillel Ticktin concludes his series on the relevance of Marxist categories with an examination of the theory of capitalist crisis and its application to the current global situation

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