WW archive > Issue 648 - 09 November 2006


Gold rush; Simplistic Loach; Defend KSM; Great shame; No grudges; Sex rocker; CMP dangers; Let in Stalinists; Bolshevik blame; Forever oppressors; SWP split?

Uniting Marxists as Marxists

Jim Moody reports on the launch conference of the Campaign for a Marxist Party

Structure, organisation and tasks

Resolution 1

Programme and its structure

Why do communists give their programme such importance and go to such pains to develop, guard and enrich it? Jack Conrad begins a short series by examining the background to the CPGB's Draft programme

Members vote to redraft CPGB 'Draft programme'. Campaign for a Marxist Party agrees fusion talks

Mary Godwin reports on the November aggregate of CPGB members

Fuse workers' movement and Marxism

Boris Kagarlitsky looks at the prospects and possibilities for the Russian left

Campaign for a Marxist Party

Founding principles

Desperate evasion and sectarianism

A 'republican socialist party' in Britain that eschews Marxism must be a concession to nationalism. Mike Macnair responds to Dave Craig

Iraq opinion poll

Dave Walters reports from San Francisco on the US mid-term elections

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