WW archive > Issue 646 - 26 October 2006

Military coups and soldiers' rights

We are revolutionaries, not constitutional democrats, says Jim Moody - and takes the Alliance for Workers' Liberty to task


Back in the USSR; House of cards; Stale attitudes; ‘Sectarian’ Dig; Sinking ships; Wait and hope; Sex change; Paradoxes; Let’s pretend?; Japan lesson

Iraq exit strategy

Iraq shows the limits of US power and underlines the fact that it is in relative decline, says Jack Conrad

Lessons of October

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group looks at how the Bolsheviks combined illegality and legality

Class resistance and conspiracy

David Douglass reviews Margaret Hutcherson's Let no wheels turn: the wrecking of the Flying Scotsman, 1926 TUPS Books, 2006, pp91, £6.95

The limits of green politics

Green politics have caught on in a big way. Jack Conrad explores their contours, limitations and contradictions

Russia 1917 and the global revolution

What were the conditions that made Russia ripe for revolution? What were the factors that led to its failure? Boris Kagarlitsky , one of Russia's leading Marxists, argues for a dialectical approach in analysing the Soviet Union and resuming the tasks of October

Keeping Marxist powder dry

Owen Jones of the campaign to elect John McDonnell to succeed Tony Blair spoke to the Weekly Worker

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