Rank and file speak out against the war

Jim Moody comments on General Dannatt's remarks which expose divisions in the ruling class over Iraq

The damning remarks of the army chief of the general staff, Sir Richard Dannatt, are yet another nail in Blair's coffin. When even this senior figure admits that the occupation is the main cause of the violence in Iraq, anti-war sentiment can be said to have spread way beyond the fringes. Speakers at Respect's annual conference joked that Dannatt has applied to join the Stop the War Coalition.

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Developing a Marxist programme

Mike Macnair continues the debate on what is meant by a Marxist party and how to campaign for one, begun by Critique's call for a conference on November 4

Victims or workers?

At its October 7-8 conference, the Scottish Socialist Party opposed the unionisation of sex workers and agreed to support legislation for the sex industry only if it is "designed to eradicate prostitution". For the SSP, the liberation of sex workers must be delivered from above. Ana Lopes of the International Sex Workers Union believes differently

Loyal opposition

Phil Kent reports on the fringe meeting organised by the International Socialist Group

For the right to choose

Respect gave over the Saturday afternoon session of its annual conference to a public rally on islamophobia. Anne Mc Shane reports

Spin, deception and eclecticism

If there was ever any doubt, Respect's third annual conference, held over the weekend of October 14-15, confirmed that the organisation is now indisputably a Socialist Worker Party front, writes Peter Manson. Despite efforts to prove the opposite, Respect is visibly shrinking

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