WW archive > Issue 616 - 16 March 2006

'Marxists' for another Labour Party

The March 19 launch of the Socialist Party's Campaign for a New Workers' Party went according to plan, writes Peter Manson. The 450 comrades who signed up to its founding declaration overwhelmingly voted for the SP's plans for a Labour Party mark two.


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Reject sanctions and the mullahs

Open letter to the anti-war movement from Workers Left Unity Iran

No to US aggression, no to Iranian regime

The tasks of the anti-war movement are twofold, argues Mehdi Kia, co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum

Flame war reignites

On the eve of this weekend's anti-war demonstration, another row has blown up between the two wings of the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain over its stance on the occupation of Iraq, writes Peter Manson

New period for Russia

Vladimir Putin's draconian anti-union legislation and attempts to stifle the opposition have made life for the left in Russia extremely difficult in one sense - but they have also helped it to rebuild. Boris Kagarlitsky of the Institute for Globalisation Studies spoke to Tina Becker about the emergence of a new Marxist left

New Labour sleaze merchants

Capitalism inevitably means corruption, says Eddie Ford

Galloway on the airwaves

Carey Davies reports on Talk Sport's newest presenter

Democracy for the millions, not the millionaires

The CNWP must aim for an SSP-type party, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Women show the way

Yassamine Mather reports from a march of Iranian women in exile

A programme for which class?

The fringe meeting organised by the CPGB that followed the Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference gave our comrades and others the opportunity to discuss its politics. Mary Godwin reports

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