WW archive > Issue 608 - 19 January 2006

SWP bites its lip

The Socialist Workers Party is deeply uneasy about George Galloway's antics in the Big brother house - but it was them who gave him carte blanche to be a free agent in the first place, says Peter Manson


Centre point; Secular question; No stigma; Sober; Hackney Respect; Preposterous; Maverick history; Sexist antics; Hate campaign; Lesson; Spy hole; SWP beacon

Completing Marx's project

Communist Party comrades in London recently began a collective study of Beyond 'Capital', written by Michael A Lebowitz. The author argues that Capital, taken alone, is one-sided, given Marx's intention to also write a book on wage-labour. The incompleteness of Marx's work has helped produce a left whose theory is distorted and characterised by economism and programmatic narrowness. Mark Fischer spoke to the comrade in Venezuela, where he currently lives. He began with a description of his personal evolution as a communist

New SA council meets

The first meeting of the Council of Socialist Organisations was held on January 14. The council was set up by the Socialist Alliance at its conference last November. Its aim is to provide a forum for discussion and coordination between SA affiliated organisations, local SAs and the SA executive. Pete Mc Laren reports

Festival of Labourism?

The working class movement needs its own republican socialist party, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Wanted: a party with a Marxist programme

The January 21 conference on working class political representation called by the RMT - the largest rail union - looks as if it will be a pretty tame affair, says Mark Fischer

Victims and victimisers

Eddie Ford takes a look at the latest round of hysteria over 'nonces' and 'perverts' in the educational system

Defend free speech

Abu Hamza and Nick Griffin have more in common than they would like to admit: both are being prosecuted for their views and speeches - rather than their actions. Communists must take a firm stand against the chipping away of our civil liberties, because left critics of the government might be next in line, says Tina Becker

Prometheanism and nature

Technological Prometheanism and capitalism's profit-driven degradation of nature: Jack Conrad puts the case for revolutionary Prometheanism and sustainability

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