WW archive > Issue 598 - 27 October 2005

'Revolutionaries' endorse pensions sell-out

Members of the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party have voted to surrender to the government's demand that new workers will have to work until 65. Peter Manson and Tony Reay (PCSU DWP London regional secretary, personal capacity) report

Alienation and identity

Emily Bransom reviews Navid Akhtar's Young, angry and muslim (Channel Four, October 24)

Organising from below

Farooq Tariq, general secretary of the Labour Party Pakistan, responds to our request for information on the relief efforts of the left, and comments on the religious charity, Islamic Relief, favoured by the Socialist Workers Party

What kind of new party do we need?

There is a broad consensus on the left outside Labour that a new party of our class is needed. But what sort of politics should it have? Here, Dave Parks - an activist in the Socialist Alliance until its dissolution earlier this year - warns against projecting the need for a revolutionary party as an ultimatum to the movement

Galloway: 'Put up or shut up time'

The US Senate diverts from their country's imperialist crimes. Peter Manson reports

Working class unity - not multiculturalism

The rioting that broke out in the Lozells area of Birmingham over the weekend of October 22-23 offers a disturbing insight into the fragmented nature of many working class communities in this country - and the pathetically inadequate response of the left. Eddie Ford reports

Ireland Tug of war for mantle of respectable republicanism

The south of Ireland is experiencing a renaissance in constitutional nationalism, says Anne Mc Shane

Workers of the world, unite! (except in Pakistan - and indeed anywhere else)

Ted Crawford of the Revolutionary History editorial board highlights the shameful duplication of socialist effort in the race to aid earthquake victims

Little controversy, less principle

You will need a big cup of coffee (or two) to get through the 68 resolutions going forward to the November 19-20 Respect annual conference. But working your way through the dozens of embarrassingly boring motions is worthwhile, because there are quite a few gems amongst them - good and bad. Tina Becker takes a closer look

Arise - the new Socialist Alliance

Steve Freeman, a member of the committee that has organised the November 12 conference to relaunch the SA, calls for both continuity and change in the fight for socialist unity

Communist Party of Pakistan

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