WW archive > Issue 596 - 13 October 2005

Decline and the transition to socialism

Hillel Ticktin concludes his discussion on the theory of decline by examining its forms as capitalism makes way for a higher society

'Natural' disaster hits the poorest

Rees sides with Blair

Making Marxism superfluous: John Rees prostrates himself

Screamingly funny in its absurdity

Liam O Ruairc reviews Alan Woods book Ireland: republicanism and revolution Wellred Publications, 2005, pp137, £6.99

Religious charity-mongering

Killed by neglect

Urgent call for funds from Trade Union Rights Campaign Pakistan (www.turcp.org)

Turkey gets there! Well, nearly "¦

Esen Uslu of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) reports on the reaction of Turkish workers and capitalists to negotiations on European Union membership

Avian flu demands global response

Drug companies should be put under workers' control, argues Mary Godwin

No immigration controls

Two members of Respect explain why they are backing the CPGB's motion on immigration controls

Blair's own poll tax

Harry Cohen, MP for Leyton and Wanstead, was one of only four Labour candidates in the May 5 general election to come out clearly and unequivocally for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq

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