WW archive > Issue 595 - 06 October 2005

Tories stuck in a rut

The Conservative Party is consumed in another leadership battle and, according to some of its leading supporters, is in danger of becoming a rightwing sect. Are they doomed? Can we afford to ignore them? Peter Prestwick takes a look

Iranian workers are not alone in their struggle

Joint call by a number of left and working class organisations for a week of solidarity with Iranian workers, which the CPGB was pleased to sign

The theory of decline and capital

In the first of two articles, Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, looks at the rise and fall of different modes of production and the problems of transition and non-transition

Politics of despair and reactionary anti-imperialism

Eddie Ford discusses the Bali bombing and the communist approach to those fighting imperialism

SWP forced to retreat

Ian Mahoney reports on the climbdown by Respect national office over the forthcoming conference

Some reflections on the protestant question

by Liam O Ruairc

Minority languages and communists

Despite a recent increase in the number of Welsh speakers, the Welsh language remains far from secure. So what should be the attitude of communists towards minority languages? Bob Davies argues that we need to take Welsh and other minority languages rights seriously

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