WW archive > Issue 574 - 28 April 2005

Vote for class independence

Mike Macnair revisits the question of the popular front

No vote for IWCA

Who to vote for on May 5

The following working class candidates are calling for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Vote Cohen, McDonnell, Qureshi and Riordan

Most of Labour's 'antiwar' candidates fudge on the issue of the occupation of Iraq, writes Peter Manson

Business as usual

Mark Fischer argues against a vote for the six canddiates of the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain

SWP backs Reg for Sedgefield

Should communists support Reg Keys? Phil Rawlinson is not convinced

No answers from the left

Who to vote for in the 2005 general elections? The pathetic advice given by most of Britain's revolutionary organisations reflects the fragmented nature of the left, writes Tina Becker - and the terminal decline of the sects

The leftovers

The Socialist Green Unity Coalition is in effect an electoral non-aggression pact, writes Tina Becker

Echoing Prescott's call?

Little Britain and their points systems

Eddie Ford looks at the nationalist right in this election

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