WW archive > Issue 560 - 20 January 2005

Support the forthcoming conference of workers in Baghdad

Urgent appeal for financial support for workers' conference in Baghdad

Anti-war fightback and the Blair-Brown leadership battle

Que? No SWP?

Too few to be divided

At long last, after three months of technical difficulties, the Socialist Unity Network website is back up and running, reports Salman Shaheen

Mutual admiration

Hitler wanted to emulate the British empire; the British ruling class welcomed Hitler as a blunt instrument to destroy the communist menace

Together for another Europe For a Social and Egalitarian Europe, For a Europe of Solidarity and Peace

Euro-nationalism from Attac

Euro-nationalism from Attac

Two vie to replace Prentis

Food for thought

Kay Adshead (writer), Lisa Goldman (director) Bites Monday to Saturday, 8pm (ends February 5), Bush Theatre, Shepherds Bush, London W12. Box office: 0207 610 4224. £13.50 (£9 concessions)

Boycott imperialist elections

Statement of Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq

Aim to deregister Socialist Alliance

From the SWP's 'Party notes'

Negotiated transfer

Open letter to the executive committee of the Socialist Alliance

For a republican Socialist Alliance

How should we fight for unity, as the SWP attempts at last to formally close down the Socialist Alliance? Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group calls for the SA to be defended

Giving leadership to the movement

Around 50 representatives from across Europe met over the weekend of January 15-16 in Brussels to discuss the future of the European Social Forum. The debate on left unity beyond the ESF in particular revealed increasing tensions, reports Tina Becker. Interestingly, the Socialist Workers Party was nowhere to be seen

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