Aim to deregister Socialist Alliance

From the SWP's 'Party notes'

The Socialist Alliance will be holding what is likely to be its final conference on Saturday February 5 at 2pm in room 101, University of London Union, Malet Street, London. The conference is free to all who have had Socialist Alliance membership in 2003 and/or 2004. You should have had a letter confirming conference arrangements and your membership. If you think you should have had a letter but have not, please contact Rob Hoveman. We will be proposing that the Socialist Alliance is formally closed down and deregistered, and the national bank account closed with the residual assets, such as they are, donated to Respect. The Socialist Alliance has ceased to function nationally since the decision to support Respect and not stand candidates was taken by the Socialist Alliance conference in March 2004. Branches have also largely ceased to operate locally, as the vast majority of Socialist Alliance members have thrown themselves into building Respect. It is therefore now logical that the Socialist Alliance should formally cease to exist in line with the support it has given Respect both locally and nationally. We want as many members in London to come to this conference which should be relatively brief. This is very important, as there are a small number of people opposed to Respect who wish to take over the Socialist Alliance and use whatever financial assets and reputation it still has to promote a sectarian alternative to Respect. We need to have the numbers present to stop this happening.