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SPGB; Michael Moore; Draft programme; Laughable; Laughable; Inspirational; North Birmingham; LRC and Respect; Paint it red; Abortion; EPSR; Obsession; Green relevance; Hijab; Manchester picket; No wall; Aslef debacle

Fight for a red planet

Eddie Ford takes issue with deep ecology, biocentrism, Giain consciousness and eco-theology

Political fightback needed

Peter Manson warns that Gordon Brown's spending review presents a real threat to workers in Britain

Marxism 2004: Private matters, state affairs

Two meetings dealt with the question of 'socialists and religion'. While SWP comrades were at pains to show the Bolsheviks' positive attitude towards the Muslim communities in 1917, the comrades' confusion about the principle of secularism was all too apparent, report Sean Powell and Tina Becker

Marxism 2004: SWP in trouble

It is unlikely that the SWP's central committee will be very happy with Marxism 2004. Registrations and overall attendance was down significantly - by about 50% - to around 2,500. Our team reports on some of the key sessions

Powerful but flawed

Steve Cooke reviews Michael Moore's film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and finds him wanting in one crucial aspect: Moore criticises Bush very well, but has got no programme for a political alternative

New Labour dented

Alan Stevens reports on the GMB's financial snub to the Labour government

Reclaiming Labour dominates debate

Steve Cooke reports from this year's Durham Miners Gala, which took place on July 10

Marxism 2004: Iraq: imperialism and the politics of resistance

Peter Manson reports on a very one-sided meeting, in which leading SWP member Alex Callinicos expressed his support for "the resistance", "whatever its political form, whatever its banner"

Livingstone pulls the strings

London's mayor has personally invited sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi to speak at the European Social Forum, reports Tina Becker, and he continues to make other demands

Summer Offensive: See us home

Ian Mahoney urges all members and friends of the party to donate urgently to achieve this year's Summer Offensive target - £30,000

Not fit to govern

Writing in a personal capacity, Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues that Respect is a barrier to the formation of a republican socialist party

A Marxist party without deformations

At the CPGB's Marxism 2004 fringe, Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, argued that material conditions have opened up wide opportunities for the left and new organisational possibilities

Marxism 2004: White working class

Leading SWP members Chris Bambery and Charlie Kimber stressed the need to fight for the "white working class", reports Anne McShane, while Cerys Dowling is embarrassed about Chris Bambery's hysteric chants of "Let's hear it for the SWP!"

Marxism 2004: Change on SSP

SWP comrades were surprisingly critical of the nationalism of the Scottish Socialist Party - are they toying with the idea of extending Respect further north?, asks Ted Fraser

European Social Forum: Down the plughole?

Phil Hamilton wonders how the website of the European Social Forum could have ended up costing a rumoured £40,000

Marxism 2004: Fringe success

Ted Fraser reports on the CPGB's four fringe meetings during this year's Marxism

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