WW archive > Issue 524 - 15 April 2004


Disrespect; Party power; Stalinist asylum; Boneheads; Housing crash

Fighting for assimilation

Are anti-racists automatically also multiculturalists? Eddie Ford thinks not

Why Trevor is far right

New Labour is in headlong retreat over racism. And people once associated with the left are providing the theoretical justification, warns Dave Osler

Around the web: Comprehensive but evasive

Phil Hamilton marks the website of the National Union of Teachers - www.teachers.org.uk

Victory to the Iraqi people

The war of liberation against the occupation has begun, writes Ian Donovan

Party Notes: Respect and Europe

Europe's capitalists may have been divided over the war in Iraq, but they are continuing their push for ever closer integration in the interests of capital accumulation.

Communists launch collective

An ethos of friendship, hospitality and culture met those speakers of the international language who braved the US blockade and painfully high travel costs to reach the 6th All-America Esperanto Congress in the Cuban capital city of Havana, March 21-27. Stan Keable was there

ESF democracy vital

The preparations for the London European Social Forum continue despite bureaucratic hitches, writes Tina Becker

Not hiding his views

The Socialist Alliance's only elected councillor, SWP member Michael Lavalette, heads the Respect list for the European elections in the North West constituency. He spoke to Peter Manson

For political revolution within Respect!

Comrade Marcus Ström feels that Respect candidates would not support republicanism, open borders, and workers' representation on a worker's wage without a "political revolution within Respect". Manny Neira argues that this is why we must continue to demand that they do!

Boost to action

Up to 100,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union walked out on another 48-hour strike over April 13-14, writes Lee Rock

Beleaguered in Wales

Respect in Wales has suffered a blow in its attempts to forge a left-of-Labour slate of candidates to fight the European elections in June, says Cameron Richards

Terrorism, alliances and class independence

Are the Madrid bombers and al Qa'eda potential allies in the struggle against imperialism or reactionary enemies of the working class? Mike Macnair gives a communist view

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