WW archive > Issue 512 - 22 January 2004

Respect and opportunism

Despite the failure of the SA the party question has not gone away: it is simply posed anew in the more difficult subjective conditions of Respect, writes Jack Conrad


Web breakfast; Fight for a party

Galloway's nationalist gaffe

Cameron Richards reports on the Cardiff meeting of the unity coalition

Comrade remembered

In their own words

Doaa Al-Rani (19) took a leading role in the protests. Though not an MAB member, she led the chanting, rallying a group of women around her

Socialism, reform and revolution

Chris Jones of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the role of class struggle in shaping the politics of the 21st century

Left facing both ways

The Socialist Alliance council voted overwhelmingly to engage with the RESPECT unity coalition, reports Peter Manson

Hijab: the protests ...

Though we are critical, the OFWI still deserves the support of all socialists for its political opposition to the oppression of women through the imposition of sharia law in Iraq, says Manny Neira

Hijab: ... and the debate

The contentious subject of 'Headscarves, secularism and the battle of democracy' produced a lively debate at the first CPGB London forum of 2004, reports Mary Godwin

Bureaucratic grip tightens

The London Mayor is in control of preparations for the European Social Forum. Tina Becker reports

Party and paper split

Blairism and the delabourisation of Labour threw much of the revolutionary left into crisis, the CPB is only now belatedly following, writes Alan Rees

Face up to the fight

John Hutnyk reviews: Tariq Mehmood, 'While there is light', Manchester, 2003, Comma Press, pp220, £7.95

Britain at the crossroads

The Democracy Platform of the Socialist Alliance has issued an alternative declaration for Respect

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