WW archive > Issue 511 - 15 January 2004

Mission Earth

George W Bush is reportedly going to use his 'state of the nation' address on January 28 to announce plans to establish a permanently manned base on the moon some time over the next eight to 15 years, but what about the Earth? Jack Conrad takes apart the lunar madness


Secular support for ban; Two sides of same repression; Counterdemonstration

What have Arabs ever done for us?

The t.v racist Kilroy-Silk has created a wave of reactionism

Back to the future

Blair is looking increasingly unstable and is on the right track to alienate all but his most ardent acolytes, says Phil Hamilton

Are you sitting uncomfortably?

Zoà Simon reviews: Peter Hall (director), 'Happy days', by Samuel Beckett, The Arts Theatre

Fantasy and extermination

Jem jones reviews: Peter Jackson (director), JR Tolkien, 'The lord of the rings - Return of the king', general release

Turn unity coalition into republican movement

The best the Respect declaration can provide is that rather vague and woolly call for "a world in which the democratic demands of the people are carried out". That is why we say R is for republicanism. Let the working class find out if it is, says Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

A modest proposal

Manny Neira calls for a review of the democratic centralism practised by our organisation

Loss of a comrade

Cecilia Prosper: February 13 1960 - January 8 2004

Shaun Brady shows his true colours

The new rightwing general secretary of the train drivers' union, Aslef, has threatened staff at head office with the sack if they take industrial action, Matt Lawson asks what next for workers?

Deep factional roots

The special congress of the Mornign Star/CPB will decide whether the organisation will opt for an electoral coalition with other trends on the left, or doggedly remain tied to the auto-Labourism of its British road to socialism programme. Alan Rees takes a look

What about the workers?

Respect's convention on January 25, no matter what its outcome, will merit a minor historical footnote, if for no other reason than the achievment of an unexpected unity of the left - even for one day. Marcus Ström reports

Power to suppress

The government's new Civil Contingencies Bill is a monstrous encroachment on democratic rights, says Jem Jones

Unsure what to think

Alliance for Workers' Liberty sits on the fence

Memorabilia, not analysis

James Bull reviews: Reds! exhibition, People's History Museum, Manchester

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