WW archive > Issue 507 - 04 December 2003

On the crest of a wave

Mark Fischer discusses with George Galloway his attitude to the Labour Party, the prospects for the new Respect coalition and the importance of democracy


Glynn Robbins; Daft enough; Unholy alliance; Israeli nation; Natives resting; Anarcho record; Non-ideology; Nationalist myths

Provocative and insulting

There was nothing remotely progressive in the defeat of Jacobitism, argues Dave Douglass, in this response to Neil Davidson of the Scottish Socialist Party's Socialist Worker platform

Good Friday on the rocks

Ian Donovan examines the rise and rise of Paisleyism and what it means for the Six Counties

Respect for all things nice

Marcus Strom reports on the new Respect coalition's progress

Women's rights, political islam and secularism

Radical Iranian writer Chahla Chafiq shared a platform with Salma Yaqoob at last month's European Social Forum. The two sharply disagreed over the role of islam in politics. Afterwards she spoke to Peter Manson

No rights without responsibilities

Party aggregate: the first item on the agenda concerns the behaviour of John Pearson, a CPGB member from Manchester. There is a motion demanding his immediate expulsion.

Crossroads crossed

Phil Kent reports on a 'British politics at the crossroads' rally

What's in a name?

Mike Macnair takes issue with Dave Craig on republicanism. Dave Craig’s article, ‘Republican slogans and the CPGB’, which shows a remarkable lack of understanding of the arguments CPGB comrades have been putting forward

Centre-left or socialist?

Ananda Samaddar saw George Galloway speak in Newcastle

Fire and brimstone

Around the web with Phil Hamilton: Democratic Unionist Party

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