WW archive > Issue 502 - 30 October 2003

Galloway's expulsion: possibilities and pitfalls

The expulsion of left MP George Galloway from the Labour Party has provided the left with another asset which could help towards the organisation of a credible alternative to New Labour and Blairism.


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Iran next in line?

Mehdi Kia and Ardeshir Mehrdad of 'Iran Bulletin-Middle East Forum' look at the pressures on the islamic republic and call for a democratic solution from below

Alliance or party?

Phil Kent reports about the school organised byt the newspaper 'Resistance'

Wildcat post strikes spread

John Keys reports about the unofficial strikes by postal workers that have broken out all over London and nearby areas

Around the web: Moving left

Phil Hamilton looks at George Monbiot's website

Party notes: Royal scandals and platonic republicanism

Paul Burrell's book 'A royal duty' has unleashed yet another crisis for the beleaguered British Royal family. Jack Conrad comments

At the crossroads

Sooner or later the Socialist Workers Party faces a choice between strategically counterposed perspectives which have developed within the ranks of its leadership, argues Mike Macnair

Splits and coalitions

Josh Fontes reports about the Australian left

Rail maintenance renationalised

On Thursday October 23 Network Rail announced that it was to take all track maintenance work back in house - effectively renationalising the majority of rail maintenance contracts. Bill Stanley reports

Unity is democratic demand too

The Scottish Socialist Party's national council met in Stirling on Sunday October 26 with around 150 delegates and observers in attendance. Sarah McDonald reports

Heading into the camp of the enemy

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty has been embroiled in a heated debate within its own ranks over its attitude to Zionism. Jem Jones has the latest

Socialist Alliance: Manning quits

Comrade Margaret Manning resigned from the EC on October 6 - and has attempted to keep this matter a 'private concern'. Martin Blum thinks not

Lukács and reification

Liam O Ruairc responds to Mike Macnair

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