WW archive > Issue 498 - 02 October 2003


Anarchism; Er, no; SA "˜partner'; Ukraine scam

Socialism and Scottish independence

Nick Rogers argues that a break-up of Britain would not advance the cause of socialism

Speakers cause controversy

Part two of European Social Forum summary: Tina Becker reports

SWP numbers game

The SWP has placed numbers above working class interests, argues James Cullen

Passing the buck

Party notes by Jack Conrad

SWP instruction provokes crisis

Tony Abse examines the events that led up to the current situation in the Socialist Alliance

Democracy and transparency needed

Tina Becker and Anne McShane report from the latest preparatory assembly of the European Social Forum, which gathered in Paris over September 29-30

Fighter for democracy and Palestinian rights

Ian Donovan's obituary for Edward W Said, 1935-2003

Blair or Brown: don't fall for lesser evilism

Labour presents a confused picture, writes Mark Fischer

The ESF comes to London - or does it?

Tina Becker examines speculations and rumours over next year's event

Around the web

Archive of cynicism: Phil Hamilton reviews the Labour Party website at http://www.labour.org.uk

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