WW archive > Issue 495 - 11 September 2003


Muddle-headed; Missing the point; Mind the gap; SA proposals; Ukraine scam; Oil research; Gay rubbish; DC slated

Ukranian scam

Ian Donovan asks what the real lessons are.

Nats scheme to exclude Brits

On August 9 Welsh assembly member John Marek hosted a 'summer gathering' of the left in Wales, intended as part of the build-up for the launch of a Welsh Socialist Party in October.

Around the web

What, no politics?

Who holds the alliance back?

SA candidate Lee Rock looks at the results.

Good music, crap politics

Stoke-on-Trent: anti-fascism

'Classical Marxism' and grasping the dialectic

Reviews: John Rees - The algebra of revolution: the dialectic and the classical Marxist tradition London, 1998, pp314, £16.99 David Renton - Classical Marxism: socialist theory and the Second International Cheltenham, 2002, pp174, £14.99

Left crises and sober thinking

CPGB aggregate

Under pressure

Party Notes

'People before profit', partyists, and SA splits

This weekend Socialist Alliance members will be responding to the call by five SA executive members to meet in Birmingham to discuss the current situation, reports Dave Craig.

Reject citizenship tests

Blunkett's new assault on migrants

Abiding delusions

Alan Stevens comments on the TUC conference

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