WW archive > Issue 490 - 24 July 2003


Brilliant; No spent force; Quotas work; China greetings; SWP in Asia; Sloppy; 1917 fantasists; Prima donnas; False conception; Lessons of history; Staying in; Walking out

Party notes: Secularism is no 'shibboleth' either

Jack Conrad stands by defence of secularism, women's rights and homosexual equality

Paying the blood price

The death of weapons scientist David Kelly has highlighted Blair's continuing crisis over Iraq, writes Manny Neira

Socialist Alliance: minority meets

Non-SWP members of the SA national council et after the meeting and issued a statement

Around the web: Reclaim web space

Phil Hamilton continues his journey around the websites of the Labourite left with a visit to Labour Left Briefing

Socialist Alliance Pull back from disaster

The future looks bleak if the Socialist Workers Party can not be won away from its popular front project with the mosque. Marcus Strom reports from the weekend meeting of the Socialist Alliance national council

European Social Forum: Put in its place

The second European Social Forum, to be held in Paris in November, is now only months away. Tina Becker and Anne Mc Shane report on the latest preparation assembly, which met in Genoa over the weekend of July 19-20, where they witnessed the Socialist Workers Party taking a knock

European Social Forum: Breaking down barriers?

Petty national concerns appear to be alive and well in the European Social Forum

Aslef elections: Setback for TU awkward squad

A weak challenge from the union's rightwing has unseated Aslef general secretary Mick Rix. An Aslef member assesses the left's failings

Anti-semitism: AWL and roots of Zionism

Tony Greenstein enters the debate on Israel, anti-semitism and the Zionist movement

Firefighters: A drawn out defeat

What lessons can be drawn from the failure of the Fire Brigades Union's 30k pay struggle? Ian Foulkes, brigade chair of Merseyside FBU and an active member of the Socialist Alliance, looks back at the dispute

European Social Forum: Starting from scratch

Elisabeth Gaultier is a member of the executive committee of the Communist Party of France (PCF).

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