WW archive > Issue 489 - 17 July 2003


Shibboleth; Just flawed; SP picking up; SP excesses; Child abuse; Workers' state?; Middle England; Racist nutters; Rotten bloc; Get a life; Marxism joy

Party notes: Socialism and the logic of sectarianism

Where does the SWP's lack of democracy, bureaucratic manipulation and thuggery come from?, asks Jack Conrad

Physical attack on opponents

Letter to Socialist Workers Party central committee from Communist Party of Great Britain

Lies, damned lies, and WMDs

The Iraq conflict continues to embroil the prime minister in allegations of dishonesty, writes Manny Neira

CPGB aggregate: Stay in, fight on

CPGB members met at the weekend to discuss the Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance: Democracy, not bureaucratic control

Victimised firefighter and Socialist Alliance national executive member Steve Godward looks at the SWP's role and gives his view on the way ahead

SWP's fantasy world

Exchanges between the Socialist Workers Party and the Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire cast light on the weaknesses of both organisations. Mike Macnair looks at the SWP's latest contribution

SWP-LCR talks: Come with us to the mosque

The SWP's Chris Harman has slapped the wrists of his French group, writes Peter Manson

Socialist Alliance national council: Future at stake

Socialist Alliance executive member Marcus Strom anticipates the battle lines of the July 19 national council meeting

Razor-wire imperialism

From Guantanamo to Kumingting to Campsfield, detention without trial is used to divide and rule. John Hutnyk calls for an international working class response

Socialist Alliance: Going Dutch or double Dutch?

The SA is in breach of conference decision on women's representation

Around the web: Labour left portal

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of Tribune

Marxism 2003: Physical attack on opponents

A personal statement from Mark Fischer and James Bull of the Communist Party of Great Britain, July 11 2003

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