WW archive > Issue 487 - 03 July 2003


Correction; Meetings galore; Tasmania; Left values; Middle class?; Web hero; Chutzpah; Excellent; AWL cultism; Moron; No Bigot; First Campism

Birmingham Socialist Alliance: Excluding awkward voices

The SWP continues its witch hunt against victimised FBU militant, Steve Godward, writes Mark Fischer

Around the Web: For every occasion

The SWP has a front for every occasion - and a website for each. Phil Hamilton reviews some of them

Party Notes

Jack Conrad argues for the need for class politics

Next year, comrades?

Ben Lewis reports back from the inaugural Communist University Wales

Handsome is as handsome does

Dave Osler defends the SA's awkward squad ... and the right to be in a minority

Miners then and now

Dave Douglass reviews Martyn Waites, 'Born under punches', Simon and Schuster, London, 2003, pp416, £10.99

Socialism 2003: Only the Socialist Party

The Socialism 2003 rally consisted entirely of SP speakers, writes Peter Manson

Socialist Alliance: Route to mass workers' party

John Pearson extends an invitation to join Stockport recently launched SA branch to ex-SLPer George Thorne

William Blake's real heritage?

Piers Hugill reviews Andy Croft and Adrian Mitchell (eds), 'Red sky at night: socialist poetry', Five Leaves Publications, 2003, pp304, £9.99

Socialism 2003: Invisible ghosts from the past

Is the Socialist Party living in the past? Phil Kent sees evidence that it is

Lula attacks public sector workers

Brazil's Workers Party president is in conflict with his working class base. Fabio Bosco reports

Socialism 2003: Still justifying SA walkout

Anne Mc Shane heard a lot of talk of a new, 'mass workers' party'

Anti-working class cancer

SSP member Ronnie Mejka charges the party with all but ignoring the divisive role of religious bigotry in Scotland

Defend Galloway

The Christian Science Monitor has withdrawn its allegation against the rebel Labour MP, writes Kit Robinson

The truth is out there

Manny Neira calls for solidarity for the peoples of Iraq ... and enjoys the Blair government's difficulties over those missing WMDs

Socialist Alliance: Supporting anti-gay candidates?

Correspondence between the SWP's John Rees and Stuart Richardson of Erdington SA regarding rumours of a 'Peace and Justice' electoral campaign

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