WW archive > Issue 485 - 19 June 2003


First Campism; All Irish; SACP; War against euro; British Workers; Start local; Burnt out; SWP arrogance; AWL exit strategy

Dull and dreary

Peter Manson found little to inspire at the Saturday evening rally of the 'official communist' Communist Party of Britain's Communist University

Bush road map to wider conflict

Imperialism's plans for a glorified bantustan offer nothing to the besieged Palestinians writes Ian Donovan

Steam-cleaning Marxism

Mark Fischer recounts an interesting conversation with CPB general secretary Robert Griffiths

Weapon, not notice board

The Weekly Worker is not a sounding board for jaded leftists, writes Jack Conrad

Alliance loses another comrade

Tess McMahon resigns from the SA

Tick, tick, tick?

Is there a time bomb ticking away under the complacent rump of 'official communism', asks Ian Mahoney

Where are the millions?

An open letter to the Stop the War Coalition, penned by Marcus Ström

Question everything?

Last weekend the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain held its short, two-day version of the Communist University at the University of London Union. Stan Keable was there

Afghanistan and the sectarian turn of the AWL

Jack Conrad takes a look at the Saur revolution and Workers' Liberty's continuing anti-unity campaign

Blair's reshuffle and the garb of tradition

Michael Malkin calls for the abolition of the monarchy

Around the web: Ugly but Useful

Phil Hamilton takes a look at the No Sweat website

FBU rank and file start to organise

The Fire Brigades Union has reluctantly agreed at its June 12 conference to end its 18-month-long dispute and accept the deal recommended by the leadership. London regional officer Matt Wrack discusses the settlement and the situation facing the rank and file

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