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Confused; Smear; Scum; Hypocritical?; Sean apologised; AWL home; Right of return; Election farce; Aggregate

Party notes: Summer offensive

Over the two months of June and July the Communist Party of Great Britain stages a Summer Offensive, writes Jack Conrad

Palestine solidarity enigma

There was a disappointing turnout for the May 17 rally in London, organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Jim Blackstock reports

SA party agreed

The Australian Socialist Alliance met on the same day as its counterpart in England and Wales - with a rather different result. Dave Riley, one of the newly elected Non-Aligned Caucus representatives on the Australian Socialist Alliance's national executive, provides his assessment and gives food for thought

Around the web

Positive contrast: Phil Hamilton looks at the Australian Socialist Alliance

Al Qa'eda: Imperialism's Frankenstein

Al Qa'eda is back. Indeed, it never went away, writes Ian Donovan

Ireland: Wilderness of mirrors

On Sunday May 11 we awoke to the news that the British army's top agent in the north of Ireland had been named by newspapers in Belfast and Dublin, writes Michael Malkin

Manchester: New SA model?

The meeting of South Manchester Socialist Alliance held on May 14 gave an indication of the direction that the 'relaunched' SA might be pushed in by its Socialist Workers Party leadership, writes John Pearson

Socialist Alliance: Republican socialist party

Dave Craig speaks on behalf of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

European Union: Giscard's constitution and ours

Valery Giscard d'Estaing - president of the Convention on the Future of Europe - is set to unveil the draft for a constitution of the European Union. The convention has been meeting in Brussels since March 1 2002 and is to submit its final report in time for next month's summit of EU leaders in Thessaloniki, writes Jack Conrad

Wales: CPGB Forum

Communism v anarchism and the 'road to liberation' was up for discussion at the second CPGB (Wales) Communist Forum held in Cardiff last week, writes Susan Osbourne

Fighting Fund

Happy birthday

Workers' movement must reorganise

For a social and democratic Sixth Republic. Peter Manson examines the issues

... or dead parrot?

Tony Greenstein of Brighton SA and secretary of Brighton Unemployed Workers Centre, writes in a personal capacity

ESF England: Preparing for Paris

The English planning group for the European Social Forum convened in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Saturday May 17 for its first meeting outside the capital. Steve Cooke reports

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