Fighting Fund

Happy birthday

Last week I urged readers to make “your paper a priority”. I am therefore pleased to report that our £500 monthly fighting fund has revived a welcome boost this week from three comrades. We got a magnificent £40 from comrade SM, and £25 each from comrades AP and JS. Comrade JS writes that his £25 came from money given to him for his birthday. Instead of “spending it on beer, I thought the best thing” was to “donate it to the Weekly Worker”. He concludes that “you could make better use of it”. Quite right comrade - and on behalf of all the comrades involved with the editing of the paper can I wish you a belated happy birthday.

In total our fund therefore stands at £352. Good. But no room for complacency. The end of the month looms and we must finish in the black. So do not delay - put that cheque in the post.

By the way we are radically upgrading our website. This will include giving e-readers the ability to subscribe, order books and donate to the fighting fund - quickly and safely - using their credit cards. The confident expectation is that as a result our overall income will show a substantial increase.

On the subject of e-readers, last week 8,100 visited our Weekly Worker site. Once again this puts total circulation of the paper - print and electronic - healthily near our 10,000 average.