Wales: CPGB Forum

Communism v anarchism and the 'road to liberation' was up for discussion at the second CPGB (Wales) Communist Forum held in Cardiff last week, writes Susan Osbourne

Fifteen people were present from a cross-section of political backgrounds, including anarcho-syndicalists, comrades from the Socialist Workers Party and Plaid Cymru, and of course members and supporters of the CPGB.

Leading CPGB member Marcus Ström, recently re-elected to the Socialist Alliance executive, introduced the discussion and gave a brief history of and the main principles associated with anarchism. A wide range of ideas were raised from the floor around issues concerning individualism and collectivism, authority and freedom, localism and centralism, and the nature of the state.

The forum was one in a series planned by the CPGB over the coming months, building towards the Communist University Wales at the end of June.

Communist University Wales

Saturday June 28-Sunday June 29. Clwb Ivor Bach, Womanby Street, Cardiff (five minutes walk from Cardiff Central rail station).