WW archive > Issue 477 - 24 April 2003

Aussie six

Lesser evilism and beating the BNP

Trial by Telegraph

Dave Osler - member of the Socialist Alliance and author of the recent bestseller Labour Party PLC - discusses the press campaign against George Galloway and draws some important political conclusions

Pentagon overlord

Smoking guns

Fundamentally dishonest

Around the web: Anti-Nazi League

On the tracks

Greg Tucker is the national train crew grades secretary for the Rail, Maritime and Transport union. He recently won reinstatement to his job as a driver on South West Trains after being victimised for his political activity and demoted by SWT management. Greg is also a member of the Socialist Alliance and the International Socialist Group. Marcus Ström spoke to him about the struggles on the rails, the anti-war movement and the shape of the left

British state terrorism

Racism, Nazism and fighting fascism

Theory and practice

Separatist road to Scottish socialism

Developing the common socialist voice

An open letter to Australian Socialist Alliance members and affiliates

Northern Ireland: war and peace

Islamic threat to US project

"Freedom is beautiful", mused Bush in a message to the Iraqi people over the Easter weekend. "And when people are free, they express their opinions as they could not do before". It is unlikely that the US finds the opinions starting to be voiced in Iraq as particularly "beautiful"

Rightwing thrown on defensive in Harrogate

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