WW archive > Issue 474 - 03 April 2003

Swansea: High profile


Manchester: Propaganda organ

Conference soundbites

Cardiff: Stella Artois nationalism

'We can actually win'

Rozanne Foyer - assistant secretary of the Scottish TUC and a member of the Campaign for Socialism - inspired the LATW meeting with her account of the rebellion against Blairite control-freakery at the March conference of the Scottish Labour Party. Later in the week Rozanne spoke in a personal capacity to the Weekly Worker

Anti-war round-up

Actions, demos, sit-ins, debates and protests from around the country

ISO setback

Guildford: His lordship regrets

Hackney: Turning point

Which side are you on?

Activist toolbox

Lewisham and Greenwich: SWP excludes Ian Page

Key debates surface

Over 350 Labour Party members and delegates gathered in Friends Meeting House in central London on March 29 to discuss how to organise opposition to Blair's warmongering. Mark Fischer reports

Alan Simpson chaired the conference. He offered his impressions during the lunch break

Two MPs with different views on the way forward

George Galloway doubts the possibility of reclaiming the Labour Party

George Galloway doubts the possibility of reclaiming the Labour Party

Edinburgh: Thousands take to streets

Leigh: Promotion beckons

Business as usual for stalled alliance?

Brixton: Marchers converge

Chicago: Warned not to smile

J Quinn Brisben, veteran peace activist and former presidential candidate for the Socialist Party USA, describes his arrest

Rail solidarity needed

Tottenham: Oil and imperialism

Anti-fascism of fools

Public relations campaign stumbles

All-Britain working class resistance

On April 1 the SSP launched its manifesto for the May elections to the Scottish parliament. But the prioritising of Scottish independence as a "key strategic objective" is likely to damage the SSP campaign, argues Tom Delargy

Protests rock Latin America and Asia

Scottish troops

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