WW archive > Issue 466 - 06 February 2003

Moved home or deceased?

Merv Davies summarises the contents of some local Socialist Alliance websites

Uneven and creaking

Around the web: Socialist Alliance

Anti-war movement must avoid UN trap

Hold firm for unity

Small steps forward

Vittorio Agnoletto is the only official representative of the Italian left on the international council of the World Social Forum. He is neither a member of Rifondazione Comunista nor the Democratic Left, but has been chosen as the Italian representative, "because I have been around the left since the 1970s and I think I can speak with people from very different backgrounds". The international council was set up after the first WSF in January 2001 in Brazil and has taken the lead in establishing regional offshoots like the European Social Forum. Its latest meeting took place on January 21-22 in Porto Alegre. Its composition is a little arbitrary, to say the least. The secretariat of the IC consists of eight Brazilian comrades who have taken it upon themselves to appoint 68 further council members. None of the 76 have been elected at any time. Nor are they accountable to anybody.

Creative chaos hits Brazil

Blair and the provisional republican government

War brings restrictions on democracy and civil liberties, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group, but it is also the harbinger of democratic revolution

No escape

Universal Pictures, '8 mile', Curtis Hanson (director), general release

The left and the Muslim Association

Jack Conrad discusses Marxist strategy and tactics

Left history - learning the lessons

What is keeping revolutionaries in separate organisations? Petty sectarianism, argues Dave Spencer

Key debates for March 15 conference

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