WW archive > Issue 463 - 16 January 2003

ANC moves further right

Expelled member of the South African Communist Party Dale McKinley looks back at the December 16-21 congress of the ruling party

Rail action hushed

Due for a victory

At the end of the Stop the War Coalition conference, Mark Fischer spoke to Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn about the situation in the Labour Party

Open up dialogue

Jemal, a young supporter of the Muslim Association of Britain, spoke at the Stop the War Coalition conference against the AWL's call to sever relations with his group. Mark Fischer spoke to him afterwards

'Focus, everyone. Focus'

The Stop The War Coalition conference on January 11 was a step forward. However, as Mark Fischer reports, some political time bombs are ticking away inside the movement

No to Blair's boycott

Online scaffolding - 200,000 hits

Around the web: CPGB

Chance for a better world

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui is the leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain. He talked to the Weekly Worker

Licensed to kill

Blair promotes panic mongering

Bourgeois revolution and Walter Mitty polemics - part 6

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