WW archive > Issue 458 - 28 November 2002

Towards accountability

Betrayal of progressives

Free the funds

Clear strategy needed

What is political islam?

Should communists and revolutionary socialists cooperate with groups like the Muslim Association of Britain? Two CPGB comrades come to opposite conclusions

Less republican than others

Are the CPGB and Revolutionary Democratic Group seeking to 'complete the bourgeois democratic revolution'? Revolutionary republicans have nothing in common with Nairn-Anderson, argues Dave Craig of the RDG

Leeds, lies and Owen MacThomas - part one

Fight Blair on all fronts in fire dispute

The firefighters strike has become very bitter and very political. Tony Blair has made the governments agenda all too clear - breaking the strike, jobs cuts and less cover. How should the FBU and rank and file firefighters respond? We canvassed opinions

Reject 'modernisation'

Proud to march with muslims

Strike together against Blairism

Not an exception

Perspectives for advance

Communist Party members met to discuss the firefighters' strike, Europe, The Socialist Alliance and Party organisation. Mary Godwin reports on the deliberations

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