WW archive > Issue 452 - 17 October 2002

From right hand man to opposition

Put Lula to test

Protection from a kicking

Growing tensions

Beneath the surface not everything is well between the Scottish Socialist Party leadership and the Socialist Worker platform. In this controversial and closed document, presented to the SW platform's October 5 aggregate, Mark Brown discusses what he calls the "risk" of a shift by the SSP leadership "in the direction of a left-nationalist, reformist politics", the leadership's anti-Labour sectarianism and the need to increase the circulation of Socialist Worker. While we pose the necessity of an all-Britain democratic centralist party, the SW comrades still suffer from a narrow, sect-building perspective

On the form and content of debate

Peacefully if we can

Rank and file workers' organisation needed

Picketing, publicity and the public

Lesser evil wins euro conference

As expected, the Socialist Alliance has voted to campaign for a 'no' in any euro referendum. Peter Manson reports on the October 12 decision

Threat to sabotage ESF

Urgent appeal from Italian coordinators of European Social Forum

Proletarian dictatorship as theory and practice

In the fifth part of his series of articles Jack Conrad discusses the contradictory impact of the October Revolution

Action, not words

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