WW archive > Issue 448 - 19 September 2002

Abbott and Foot share platform

Support anti-war candidate for Hackney mayor

Vote PDS and organise

How should the left vote in Sunday's parliamentary elections in Germany? Despite its reformism Tina Becker says critical support should be given to the PDS

Reject LCR-ISG opportunism

Socialist Democracy (Ireland) takes issue with its United Secretariat comrades in France and Britain over their support for Jacques Chirac in the French presidential elections

Formulation nine and the possibility of peaceful revolution

Jack Conrad begins a series on peaceful revolution

Mobilise for September 28

Unity demands single slate

Matthew Caygill is a leading activist in Leeds Socialist Alliance. Ray Gaston talked to him about the Leeds Left Alliance, which has announced its intention to contest the 2004 European elections in Yorkshire and Humberside

Oil, democracy and war

Mehdi Kia of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran discusses the sordid relationship between oil and the US war drive in the Middle East

'Prisoner' Chirac on the attack

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