WW archive > Issue 447 - 12 September 2002

Firefighters prepare to strike over pay

Winning arguments

Halt march to war

Any means necessary

Is a peaceful proletarian revolution impossible? David Moran still insists that it is

Democratise the WSF

Vittorio Agnoletto is the only official representative of the Italian left on the international council of the World Social Forum. Tina Becker spoke to him

Grasp the opportunity

More than 150 people attended the latest organising meeting for the European Social Forum, which will take place from November 6-10 in Florence. Tina Becker was there

TUC - left revives

National council sets priorities

Respond to documents

Unite against the war

Right at the end of the organising meeting, this statement was proposed by Chris Nineham from the SWP and Leo Gabriel, an independent Austrian comrade.

Reynard and reaction

Mark Metcalf (ed) The rich at play: foxhunting, land ownership and the 'Countryside Alliance' Revolutions per Minute, Vol 9, 2002, pp78

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