WW archive > Issue 438 - 27 June 2002

Draft statement for the Socialist Alliance trade union activists conference

Red stars and Mexican starfish

The politics of wishful thinking

Building rank and file organisation

Anyone but England?

The World Cup final, in case you didn't know, is being fought out between Brazil and Germany on Sunday June 30. As the competition reaches its climax, Mark Fischer spoke to John Reid, member of the Socialist Party in England and Wales and author of Reclaim the game: 10 seasons of Premiership swindle

Getting the politics right

Fighting the PCSU coup

SSP rules, okay?

Challenge the new Labour left

Capitulate or die

Creeping up

Euros and reformulations

An aggregate of CPGB members was held in London on June 23. Mary Godwin reports on the debates

No euro, please - we're Scottish

Updating what we fight for

Redrafting the Weekly Worker's 'What we fight for' column is long overdue, argues Jack Conrad. As the reader can see, at last it has been done

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