WW archive > Issue 431 - 09 May 2002

BNP, Burnley and fighting fascism

Doorstep politicians

Mark Fischer talked to the four CPGB May 2 local election candidates in London and asked them for their impressions of the Socialist Alliance campaign

British left and French elections

Socialist Alliance member John Bulaitis defends the 'Vote Chirac' position adopted by the reformist left and the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire

Dancing in the streets of the capital

ISO defies Tsvangirai

Strategic orientation

Socialist Party member Matt Wrack, author of the Socialist Alliance pamphlet Whose money is it anyway?, addressed the May 5 Weekly Worker open forum on the trade union political funds and the nature of the Labour Party. The comrade argues that the left needs to take a serious approach to both the trade unions and the Labour Party's historical mass base

Socialist Alliance inches forward

Socialist potholes

Jon Anderson of the International Socialists of Ireland looks at Sinn Féin and left challenges to the established parties in this month's election

Class reassertion

James Kelman - And the judges said "¦ - Secker and Warburg, London 2002, pp486, £17.99

Tories still in the cold

Lenin and the United States of Europe

Unions take the lead

For a social third round

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