WW archive > Issue 429 - 25 April 2002

Build the ESF movement

Getting into gear

What is the euro?

Le Pen - non! Chirac - non!

Peter Manson says that there is a third option

April 16: class against class

Marching in solidarity

Welcome initiative

Third plank article

The SWP's Alex Callinicos tell us the SA is a "united front of new type". No, it ain't, says Mark Fischer

'Contaminated' by the movement

Guiseppe 'Bepe' de Cristofaro is secretary of the youth section of the Party of Communist Refoundation and secretary of the PRC's Naples federation. At the party's 5th Congress in Rimini earlier this month the Weekly Worker spoke to him

Vittorio Agnoletto

United on A20

Washington's streets were filled by the other America last weekend. Martin Schreader reports on the militant mood in the US capital

Low-key campaign

Lessons for left

Jenin threatens US war plans

Suffer the little children

Build on housing win

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