WW archive > Issue 428 - 18 April 2002

Thin on the ground

Left challenge

What sort of Palestine?

Hamas - Sharon's Palestinian allies

Democratic questions for socialists

Resolution of the National Workers' Assembly

United front of a third kind

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues against Alex Callinicos' Socialist Review article and calls for the Socialist Alliance to become a 'united front party'

Make it happen!

Whose money?

Campaign for a republic

Debating Palestine and deepening union work

Resistance with responsibility

Mohammed Al Batal is a member of the foreign relations committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He spoke to the Weekly Worker about Israeli expansionism, Sharon's murderous war aims and the prospect for a democratic settlement between the Palestinian and Israeli jewish nations

Revolution of the world

After mobilising a million to honour one Queen Elizabeth official Britain is readying to mobilise for the other Queen Elizabeth's golden jubilee. But there is another Britain, an unofficial Britain of revolution and democracy. Terry Liddle remembers an outstanding opponent of monarchism

Programmatic confusion

The left must raise the banner of consistent democracy for both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli jews, argues James Mallory. Under present circumstances that means a two-state solution

Building for the future

Local elections in England are set for May 2. With Labour reeling from charges of being in the pay of big business this is the Socialist Alliance's most important challenge since the 2001 general election. Rob Hoveman is the Socialist Alliance's national secretary. He decided to give written responses to our questions which he asked to receive in advance

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