WW archive > Issue 422 - 07 March 2002

Jacobinism and the Soviet Thermidor

Turning to the past, especially the France of 1789-1815, in order to understand the Russian Revolution and its subsequent degeneration, had terrifying consequences. Martyn Hudson concludes his two-part discussion

Revolutionary semantics

Language is important, argues John Pearson, and communists must avoid using certain words and phrases

Factional alignments and fights

The fourth annual conference of the Scottish Socialist Party took place in Dundee over the weekend of March 2-3. Our team of journalists provide an in-depth account

Recognise members' rights

Statement from 'former' Bedfordshire Socialist Alliance officers to SA executive

Scottish socialists aim for 8 MSPs

Hypocritical rat

Danny Thompson of the RDG and Bedfordshire Socialist Alliance takes issue with Marcus Ström

Tokenism wins the day

Internationalist gestures, nationalist reality

All that is required?

Socialist Workers Party - Socialist Worker: fighting to change the world - London 2002, pp46, £1.50

Anti-Mugabe struggle enters new phase

An assessment and an appeal from the International Socialist Organisation (Zimbabwe) website

Fight the war drive

As Blair and Bush step up threats against Iraq we take to the streets

Euro conference

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