WW archive > Issue 421 - 28 February 2002

Trotsky and the Thermidorian chapter

The fight to prevent the degeneration of the Bolsheviks was handicapped by an excessive desire to make analogies with the French Revolution, argues Martyn Hudson. In the first of two articles he looks at how Marxists in Russia drew parallels with the downfall of the Jacobins in 1793

Sex divisions and pseudo science

Have men and women - or blacks and whites - being 'pre-programmed' by evolution to be different? Danny Hammill replies to the SSP's Kevin Williamson

Support Israeli army refuseniks

Alternative to New Labour?

Short-lived celebration

SA paper 'not viable'

Letter to CPGB from AWL, February 22 2002

Reply to Martin Thomas

Elizabeth the Last

Settling of scores

Workers' candidate

Regional revival

Debating perspectives

SSP needs unity

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