WW archive > Issue 420 - 21 February 2002

End asylum system

Brazen arrogance

Remembering Chartist Harney

Unsound programme and unsound tactics

Socialist Alliance agrees manifesto

Use elections to mobilise class

PC tokenism

Crow win boost

Advanced and backward

Danny Thompson of Bedfordshire Socialist Alliance and the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues that events in the BSA reflect national divisions

Second wave Trotskyists

Alfred Rosmer, Boris Souvarine, Emile Fabrol and Antoine Clavez - Trotsky and the origins of Trotskyism - Francis Boutle Publishers/Socialist Platform Ltd, 2002, 250pp, £10

SLP vote rocks Welsh SA

Struggles for freedom

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri Empire Harvard University Press, 2000, pp496, £12.95

Gwisai arrested - stayaway planned

Humanising our environment

Do communists support a ban on fox-hunting or do we defend the rights of fox-hunters? Danny Hammill examines the issues

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