WW archive > Issue 414 - 10 January 2002

Kashmir crisis and self-determination

A communist morality

In the last of three articles Michael Malkin argues that our ethics must be based on the needs of the class struggle

Centralism or federalism

Socialist campaign

Argentina in revolt

For a democratic Europe!

Edmonds ups ante

Railway rebellion

In humanity's name

In this edited version of his speech to a CPGB school in December, leading Socialist Alliance member Mike Marqusee argues for socialists to adopt an ethical approach in opposition to war

'Re-establishing' the Second International

The founding of the Communist International in March 1919 provided a pole of attraction for class-conscious workers inspired by the October Revolution. Many parties allied to the discredited and defunct Second International rejected reformism and sought affiliation to the new revolutionary centre. The Labour Party in Britain was at the forefront of attempts to halt this trend, organising opposition to the Comintern and attempting to resurrect the Second International. As part of its efforts, Labour wrote to the CPGB, providing an opportunity for this devastating reply, which was published in the Party paper and as a special pamphlet

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